For a professional recovery that offers serenity to therapists and patients, we are putting in place some operating and hygiene rules.


Before the consultation :


  • Come unaccompanied except for minor children or people unable to come alone to the consultation.


  • Show up, as much as possible, on time and not early (not late).



  • Wait, when possible, outside the medical center, to avoid crossings and overcrowding the waiting room (your therapist will come and pick you up as soon as he can).


  • Hand washing and disinfection when you enter the practice.



  • We will ask you to bring your own towel.



  • If you have symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, cold; unfortunately we will not be able to receive you for consultation. We also advise you to contact your general practitioner.






During and after the consultation :


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory (except for sports rehabilitation during which the mask can be removed when you are installed at your place of work and while respecting social distancing).


  • Hand washing and disinfection at the end of the session.




What we will put in place :



  • Spaced consultations to avoid crossings between patients.


  • Disinfection of surfaces and equipment after your visit.


  • Regular ventilation and disinfection of the premises.


  • Wearing of the mask by all therapists.



You have questions ?

You can contact us on 02 351 51 57 or by email on


You have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or are showing symptoms of it, we ask that you contact your general practitioner before making an appointment.

Here is the list of useful numbers:



Covid-19 Information: 0800 14 689

Covid 19 information website: